Ballard-Cochran Post 40
of the American Legion


Mission Statement

Our mission at Ballard Cochran Post 40 of the American Legion is to unite veterans within the Seattle area, building a veteran community that contributes to the overall good of our neighbors and friends; cultivating good will and pride in our common identity as Americans.

Vision Statement

Through Post 40’s service programs and engagement opportunities, we will leave a positive and lasting impression on the Seattle veteran community; ultimately serving as the necessary change and setting the bar for all veteran service organizations.

Values Statement

Post 40 values inclusivity, service, education, and camaraderie.


It is our firm belief if you are a military veteran, you belong. Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or gender identification. We celebrate the diversity of our membership.


Veterans feel the call to service. By working together through acts of service, we remain engaged and committed to the community we reside in, ensuring our veterans are not forgotten. At Post 40 we provide positive outlets for veterans to continue their call to service in their post military careers.


There is much confusion surrounding what a veteran is and what Americanism looks like. At Post 40, we believe that it is one of our missions to reach out across the Seattle area educating our community on the needs of veterans, what military service looks like, and what our duties as citizens of the United States are.


Though what we do as a post is service oriented and calls for a great deal of time and effort, we pride ourselves on making these service opportunities fun and enriching for all who partake. Through community building and restoration activities, we provide the space for veterans to grow together, and learn more about each other. Our services and programs aim to bridge existing gaps in our understanding of each other and foster an environment of friendship and camaraderie.

American Legion Post 40

mailing address:

PO Box 31204

Seattle, Washington 98103-1204


Post 40 meetings are held at:

2812 NW Market St.

Seattle, WA 98107

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